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Witness Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ Sung 20 Different Ways

10 second songs linkin park in the end youtube

If you’re the one person on earth who wanted to hear the Beatles, Korn, and Axl Rose cover Linkin Park’s hit song “In The End,” consider your day officially made. As part of his popular “Ten Second Songs” YouTube series, musician and voiceover artist Anthony Vincent has brought the rock band’s single to new heights — and depths, to be honest — by adopting the voices and cadences of popular musicians to test the theory that any pop song can be spun about a couple dozen different ways.

The Pusha T collaborators find their 13-year-old single tackled by a convincing Rose impression that’s probably stronger than the Guns N’ Roses singer’s present-day voice. Other noteworthy impressions include a just barely inoffensive Bob Marley, Tech N9ne, and the Backstreet Boys. The YouTube celeb probably could’ve skipped the weak Daft Punk attempt, but points for trying. Luckily, though, Vincent’s video is far more entertaining than Linkin Park’s recently VMA nominated treatment for “Until It’s Gone.” Check out the “In The End” parody above.