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Lady Gaga Fosters Peace Between Sparring Fans in Belgium

Lady Gaga ArtRave Concert Fight Break Up

Lady Gaga is an arbiter of peace. At last night’s “artRAVE Tour” stop at Belgium’s Sportpaleis, the pop singer stopped her concert to deliver a stern lecture to several fans who’d begun fighting over a piece of clothing that Gaga had thrown into the crowd.

“Careful, don’t fight,” she said moments after tossing part of her costume into the pit before giving up on the fans entirely. “Hey, give it back. If you’re gonna fight, you don’t get to keep it. Here we practice love,” the Artpop singer told her fans, pointing at the culprits in the audience, before blowing them a kiss and adding, “and don’t worry, I still love you.”

It’s a testament to Gaga’s relationship with her fans that they’d return a pretty prized piece of her tour to her without putting up a fight. That’s love right there, and it’s the kind of earned respect that Tony Bennett — the singer’s Cheek to Cheek partner — has said he saw in her before the pair got together to record their album.