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Kiesza Owns ‘Ellen’ With Set-Traversing ‘Hideaway’ Performance

kiesza hideaway ellen performance

If they gave every popular musician one of those apps that tracks how many steps they take during the day and then tested them over the course of a given performance, we’re pretty sure Kiesza would put everyone else to shame. The Canadian singer/songwriter took her “Hideaway” act from the streets of Williamsburg to the set of Ellen yesterday afternoon, transfixing the daytime audience with a full-bodied performance that took her all over, around, and through the studio, accumulating backup dancers and even a backing band along the way. Luckily, it appears the show’s host does not share fake Conan O’Brien‘s policy about guest dancing.

Ellen had the perfect review of the impeccably executed performance, a stunned “I mean…” Yeah, it’s kind of like that. Stream the entire mesmerizing thing above and see for yourself.