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Elle Fanning Twirls to Karen O’s ‘Ooo’ in a Surprise Spike Jonze Video

Karen O Ooo Video Elle Fanning Spike Jonze Crush Songs

Karen O’s debut solo album, Crush Songs, arrived this week without a whole lot of fanfare. That’s all right, because the music speaks for itself just fine, but that “Rapt” video was pretty nice and, since you mention it, wouldn’t it be nice to have another? Leave it to the master Spike Jonze (Her, Where the Wild Things Are, countless classic music videos) to deliver a surprise clip that also happens to star actress Elle Fanning (The Boxtrolls, Maleficent, We Bought a Zoo), shot at the New York Metropolitan Opera House no less. The video is for the song “Ooo” and it follows our star as she listlessly drifts and improvises ballerina moves through the guts of the venue. It’s clearly an informal affair (shot while the gang was rehearsing for a Fashion Week play), but that’s consistent with the roughshod, homemade feel of the music that echoes overhead while Fanning spins and skips. Jonze shared a statement on the brief piece over at Vice