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Kanye West Stops Sydney Show Because Fan in a Wheelchair Won’t Stand Up

Kanye West Wheelchair Sydney Show Rant The Good Life Stand Up Video

As the latest leg of his Yeezus tour makes its way through Australia, Kanye West has introduced a brief segment in his show where he pauses and attempts to get everyone in the audience on their feet before continuing into the following song. Last Wednesday in Melbourne, he allegedly said that everyone needed to stand up “unless y’all are sitting down because y’all handicapped.” He recycled that joke Friday night in Sydney, but took it a bit farther, seemingly shaming every single sitting attendee into standing before his performance of “The Good Life.”

According to The Daily Mail, via Stereogum, Yeezy said that everyone needed to stand “unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and shit.” After several awkward minutes of dead air space and the repeated insistence of the crowd, he seemingly determined that the two remaining seated fans were in fact in wheelchairs, at which point he said “it’s fine” and continued the song. The Daily Mail also has a photo of a fan waving a prosthetic limb as a reason for continuing to sit down. While he may not have technically berated the special needs fans, as some sources are reporting, he still awkwardly stopped his whole show and seemingly singles them out, which still doesn’t seem cool. Watch video of the moment above via Consequence of Sound.