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Kanye West Addresses the Wheelchair Incident, and Matt Lauer

Kanye West caught the media in a bit of an overreaction and yes, he might mean SPIN too. At his concert in Australia today, the “New Slaves” rapper used his nightly spoken-word segment during “Runaway” to address this weekend’s coverage of the so-called “Wheelchairgate.” When Ye tells his team to turn off the music and the autotune, you know he means business. Here’s what he had to say, taking special preliminary aim at a certain Today Show host:

I wanna start with Matt Lauer, because I heard the story’s gonna hit the Today show tomorrow: so Matt, when this runs tomorrow morning, I want you to do me a favor. Don’t try to force me into some fake apology like the last time I was on the show with you. What I want you to do, Matt, what I want you to do is I want you to run the video that everyone is talking about where I so-called screamed at somebody. I want you to run that, since this is such big media press news and obvious shit where you try to demonize people. It’s like, welcome to today’s news ladies and gentlemen!

To recap, he allegedly said at a Melbourne concert that everyone needed to stand up “unless y’all are sitting down because y’all handicapped,” then at a Sydney show repeated the line and apparently singled out some people who were still sitting… in wheelchairs, it turned out. When he realized, he moved on. He now sounds justified in his anger, especially when he cites the “Ye eats ice cream” photo that took Twitter by storm earlier this year.

He continued:

They got this thing where they want the masses, people who never even heard one of my albums, to somehow read a headline that reads negative and to think I’m a bad person or something. I’m a married Christian man with a family. At my concerts, I make sure everybody has as good of a time as possible…Pick a new target, because I’m not one of those dumb ass artists you’re used to.

Watch West’s entire, well-thought out discussion below.