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Brace Yourselves For JLo’s Big ‘Booty’ Video

jennifer lopez iggy azalea booty remix diplo

Jennifer Lopez made her first splash in 1991 as a perfectly choreographed fly girl on the TV show In Living Color, so it makes sense that the Bronx singer knows how to shake her stuff on the small screen. In her new video for “Booty,” a Diplo-produced duet with Iggy Azalea, JLo does enough ass shaking and cheek jiggling to make you wonder if it’s actually 1991 again.

The singer parades around in skin-tight bathing suits and underwear as she sings her ode to the Summer of Ass, sharing most of her screen time with the recently sex-tape-embroiled Australian rapper who surprisingly holds her own next to JLo’s impressive physique. Things get over the top pretty quicky, with water cascading down butts galore, booties rubbing up against other booties, and some requisite ass-slapping as well. If you’re at work, we’d recommend holding off watching this until your boss leaves for the day.