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Jeff Tweedy Made it a Family Affair on Last Night’s ‘Colbert’

The Wilco frontman brought his son Spencer to play some 'Sukierae' cuts

It’s hardly Illinois musician Jeff Tweedy’s first time on The Colbert Report, having been a frequent guest with Wilco over the years, but last night marked the guitar player’s first appearance on the show as half of a new father-and-son traveling band. Jeff and son Spencer — wasn’t it only yesterday he was just a tyke knee-slapping to “Heavy Metal Drummer”? showed up on Colbert to promote their new band Tweedy, getting grilled by the host about their “monochromatic denim-scape” and whether or not they could take Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus in a fight (“absolutely not,” the duo concurred).

Watch their interview and a couple live clips (including new single “Low Key”) below, and behold the creepiness of how much Spencer looks like a young Jeff Tweedy. To be fair, it’s not as creepy as how little Jeff currently looks like a young Jeff Tweedy.