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Jack White Brings ‘Shining’ Vibes to ‘Would You Fight For My Love?’ Video

Jack White 'Would You Fight For My Love' Video

If Jack White’s video for “Would You Fight for My Love?” isn’t a direct homage to The Shining, the Third Man boss has some subliminal Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick vibes swimming around in that neatly coiffed head of his. Directed by Robert Hales, the blue-hued visual for the Lazaretto cut finds White sitting alone in a bar, with members of his backing band lounging in booths nearby, before some freaky stuff starts to happen.

Here’s where we’ll get all Room 237 on you. The video was filmed in the Cruise Room, “Denver’s original post-prohibition bar, located in the Oxford Hotel.” The Shining features a beautiful art deco bar located in a Colorado hotel where the main character, Jack (!), nurses his sorrows, worrying that his cabin fever might bring back his violent temper. Spoilers for “Would You Fight for My Love?”: After a bit of solitary imbibing, the simmering White suddenly has a wide-eyed freakout while all of the characters fade in and out, as if they’ve been dead the whole time — just like the occupants of the fictional Overlook Hotel.

Sure, White doesn’t bash down any doors with a croquet mallet or axe, but the in-your-face camera shots certainly bring back memories of Jack Nicholson’s famous “Heeeere’s Johnny!” scene. Then again, maybe we’re just way over-thinking this. You be the judge.