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Joanna Newsom Narrates the Tantalizing ‘Inherent Vice’ Trailer

joanna newsom inherent vice thomas pynchon trailer

You might have seen the internet freaking out over the last 24 hours over the recently leaked trailer to Inherent Vice, and watching the two-minute clip, it’s not hard to see why. The list of people invovled with the genesis or production of this film are just incredible: author Thomas Pynchon, writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, and a cast that includes at least six Oscar nominees — yes, even Owen Wilson was technically nominated for co-writing The Royal Tenenbaums — and the teaser implies about a whole TV season’s worth of intrigue, comedy and shooting locations.

One name involved that is not specifically referenced in the trailer, but is of particular import to SPIN readers, would be that of Joanna Newsom. The singer/songwriter narrates the action of the trailer, as she will the film entire, in her disntictive wisp. It’s not like Vice really needs the participation of Mrs. Andy Samberg as a further selling point, but just in case there was an MFA student or two out there who hadn’t bought their tickets to this yet, after hearing Newsom’s narration they’re probably Googling for advance screenings as we speak.

Watch the trailer above, and look for the movie on December 12th.