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Groundislava’s ‘Girl Behind the Glass’ Video Is Also the Loneliest Video Game

Groundislava Girl Behind the Glass Rare Times Video We Did It

Here’s a concept we can really get behind: in Los Angeles producer Groundislava’s new video, “Girl Behind the Glass,” the viewer assumes the role of first-person explorer as the nameless, faceless figure wanders aimlessly through a digi-scape cluttered with wrong turns and missed opportunities. The Rare Times-assisted song and super far-out video come courtesy of the WEDIDIT label/crew, who a couple of days ago shared RL Grime’s full team up with How to Dress Well. Directed by The Great Nordic Sword Fights, the warbling animated treatment was apparently “inspired by the cyberpunk world of neuromancer, [and] puts you first seat in the virtual reality eyes of a lonely man in search of his ‘Girl.'” It comes from the trippy musician’s just-released album, Frozen Throne.

The coolest part about it all? You can play a “Girl Behind the Glass” game, just like the one in the video itself, on your computer right now. Don’t say Groundislava never did anything for you.