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Our Typo Could Be Your Meme: #Fugazi1888

Fugazi 1888 Demos Typo Fugazi1888 Meme Twitter

You know what they say: We’re all always just a slip of the keyboard finger away from genius. Just kidding. No one says that because typos totally suck and are usually the bane of every writer/editor/blogger/programmer/tweeter’s existence. But on Thursday, SPIN published an article about a certain beloved post-hardcore band with the headline, “Fugazi Are Releasing an Album of Lost Songs From 1888.” Of course, we meant 1988.

Normally, the minute we realize such an error, we correct the article (which we did) then delete and resend the tweet. But then we noticed something wonderful.

Instead of the usual bile and hack-shaming we see in these (ahem, rare) cases, our readers responded with jokes. Like, really good jokes. I mean, really, really good jokes.

Noisey already published a pretty stellar roundup of highlights tagging the #Fugazi1888 micro-meme, but we’re dumping our favorites below. Comic Eugene Mirman weighed in, as did many of our peers (shout-out Ian Cohen, Spencer Ackerman, Jody Rosen, Keith Phipps, and Craig Jenkins). But before we leave you with your chuckles, we need to highlight this feat, brought to our attention by the Vice people. We’ve altered history:

Fugazi 1888 Demos Typo Fugazi1888 Meme Twitter

Thanks for playing, everyone. Now for the laffs…