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Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham Will Moderate a Toronto Mayoral Debate

Fucked Up Damian Abraham Toronto Mayor Debate

If a Toronto mayoral debate is anything like current mayor Rob Ford has led us Americans to believe, Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham is probably the perfect man to moderate one. Turns out the punk bellower has been selected to lead the arts debate for his hometown’s highest elected office, and he tells Stereogum he’s been studying Ric Flair tapes to prepare — something we figured he’d been doing for years now.

The event will be held September 29 at Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Cinema One, and will include mayoral candidates Olivia Chow, Ari Goldkind, and John Tory. Ford has been invited to participate too. If he’s running late, maybe Deadmau5 can drive him.

Kudos to Toronto for both having a mayoral arts debate and choosing maybe the coolest moderator possible. And aside from arts funding and education and all those noble projects, it seems safe to say weed will surely be a subject of discussion as well, no? And maybe how Drake’s face keeps showing up on wheelchair signs around the city?

Lot’s of good stuff going on around Toronto these days…