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Now English Foo Fighters Fans Want to Crowdfund Their Own Show

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Inspired by the success of intrepid Foo Fighters fans in Arlington, Virginia, more than 600 people have already contributed to a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Sonic Highways-traveling band to Birmingham, England in early 2015.

Organizers  who hope to raise roughly $245,000 by November 17  write on the crowdfunding page that “Sonic Highways is released on November 10th, followed by a tour. It would be an honour for TRUE fans to attend the first U.K. crowd funded gig, warming up the Foo Fighters ready for their big 2015 UK dates AT FACE VALUE …….without a [fee] in sight. It’s been done before, so let’s do it again!”

The campaign follows a successful crowdfunded campaign by Foo diehards in Virginia, who wanted to see the band return to Richmond but didn’t want to wait for a tour, choosing instead to raise money for the entire thing without a guarantee that the Foo Fighters would even play (which they eventually did last week).

The proposed concert would allow 3,000 fans the opportunity to see the rock giants  who recently did a mini-UK tour as the Holy Shits  without worrying about fees or, in the case of a sell-out, ticket-scalping. It would also be, according to the Kickstarter page, the first ever U.K. crowdfunded concert. Godspeed, Foo fans.