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Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ Is Officially Donezo

dr dre detox dead no album

Compton rap icon turned headphone and tech mogul Dr. Dre has led his fans on a leash called Detox for the past 14 years, toying with our emotions by tossing out a feature here and some Beats headphones there — minimal sustenance while we wait for a full bowl of crunchy hip-hop nuggets. Though our bowl may eventually still be filled, turns out a thing called “Detox” won’t be in it. Woof.

During a recent podcast interview, Dawaun Parker, a songwriter and producer for Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment label, told the show’s hosts that the hotly anticipated album — the good doctor’s third ever following 1992’s The Chronic and 1999’s 2001 — won’t be coming out as planned. In his own words, which you can hear in the video below, Parker said:

The album he’s working on is not called “Detox.” He scrapped “Detox” a couple years ago, and came up with another title. I won’t say what the title is because I haven’t seen it online or anything yet. But he was like, “we’re going to call it this, and we’re going to put it out this way and this way and this way.” He told a couple of people and we kinda knew that’s just what the thing we were working on, and if we get the joint that he feels like he can lead off with, then that’s what the project will be. I’m still under the impression it’s still that one.

So this won’t be the rap game Chinese Democracy after all. Sigh.