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Somebody Isolated Courtney Love’s Vocals From a Live Performance of ‘Celebrity Skin’

Courtney Love Celebrity Skin Vocal Disaster Solo

We recently saw Courtney Love curse out a beer-throwing fan at an Australian concert, to the crowd’s delight. We’ll leave is to the gods to judge whether or not a sloppy show warrants a cold one to the head-zone, but today we get a view of Love’s performance prowess like we’ve never seen. Or heard, rather, as YouTube user J.M. Ladd has uploaded a video of the Hole singer playing with her vocal and guitar tracks isolated.

Seen above, Love does Hole’s 1998 hit “Celebrity Skin” at a New York City show in 2010. The vocals are sneery (to be expected) and her hands maybe don’t work right? According to the text accompanying the clip, Ladd was hired by the venue to record Love’s show and was “left standing with a hard drive and an invoice no one seemed to want.” So, four years later, he decided to share the audio. Thanks!

In Love’s defense, most isolated tracks are not going to sound very good. For example, here’s one of Taylor Swift from her VMA performance last month. Right? Wrong. Because here comes the people’s favorite Beyoncé, putting them to shame. (She’s good.) Download the entire concert with Love’s audio only here (click Tina Yothers), and compare (?) to the recorded version of “Celebrity Skin” below: