Napoleon Dynamite and HAIM Ruin Everyone’s Good Time in Chromeo’s ‘Old 45’s’ Video


Chromeo and HAIM seem like they would be a blast to go out drinking with — Jon Heder less so. In the new video for “Old 45’s,” the Montreal electro-funk duo gets a bar full of rough customers to believe in love. They dance, they sing, HAIM remains impecably cool, and the old bartender admits that he kinda likes wearing tight pants.

It’s a beautiful scene, until Heder, best known for playing the dweebish Napoleon Dynamite, walks through the door and starts a ruckus. The Blades of Glory actor rudely and incompetently tries to hit on a girl at the bar, and before long people are throwing punches and bottles everywhere. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Chromeo’s album White Women is out now.


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