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Watch the Bobby Shmurda-Spoofing Proposal Video ‘Hot Finger’

bobby shmurda hot finger youtube proposal parody

While Bobby Shmurda is crafting the follow-up material to his virally successful song “Hot Nigga,” a comedian and YouTuber came along and stole the rapper’s thunder with a parody video that also doubles as a proposal. Kabir Iyengar’s clever “Hot Finger” flips Shmurda’s song around in a pretty laughable way. While some of the lines are corny (“If you ain’t tryna wife, get up off my damn couch” stands out), it’s a mostly sweet affair, save for the couple of “ho-bombs” the comedian chose not to cut. There are some cringe-worthy moments too — like when he shows his girlfriend the receipt for the engagement ring — but, all in all, it’s innocuous fun that Shmurda himself might get a laugh out of. Surely the best part about the video is the look on Iyengar’s now-fiancée’s face. Watch it throughout: It changes from bemused to bewildered to, dare we say it, angry and annoyed at some moments? We share her range of emotions. Watch the proposal video above, and check out Shmurda’s original below for comparison.