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Ariana Grande and Chris Pratt Spar in an Awkward ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

Ariana Grande Chris Pratt Saturday Night Live Promo Video

Current pop culture darlings Ariana Grande and Chris Pratt are set to ring in this year’s iteration of Saturday Night Live on music and hosting duties respectively, but in the season’s first promo videos, things seem a little more tense than you might expect. Though its all surely in good spirits, in the first clip released the “Break Free” singer rebuffs a compliment from the Guardian of the Galaxy star by noting that his work makes her “um…tired.” In the second and more unbelievable of the two clips, Pratt asks that Grande translate the promo “for our Spanish viewers.” When she helpfully informs him that she’s actually of Italian descent, he quickly changes gears and asks “do you want to…pizza?” It’s all just about as awkward as it sounds, and the feigned animosity could portend an exciting episode of the show, which kicks of this Saturday, September 27. Watch both of the promo clips above via MTV.