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Alt-J Have the ‘Left Hand Free’ Blues on ‘Letterman’

alt j letterman left hand free

As they gear up for the release of their second album, This Is All Yours, Alt-J stopped by Letterman to play the bluesy, label-pleasing single “Left Hand Free” with no added frills. The star of the performance is Thom Green’s propulsive bare-bones drumming, which created a glitchy beat thanks to his use of a cowbell and tambourine over traditional cymbals. 

The Leeds quartet is ending this week on a big note. Aside from the Letterman spot, they released two videos for the innuendo-heavy “Every Other Freckle.” The two versions aren’t all that different from one another, except for the fact that one stars a man and the other stars a woman in nearly identical footage. There are surreal forest scenes, an angry caveman, a kitten bouncing on a bean bag, and some close-ups of asses. Enjoy both of those below, and pick up This Is All Yours on September 22 from Warner Music.

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