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Watch DJ Tanner of ‘Full House’ Lead a Debate Between Actual DJs

The longest going debate in EDM is whether it’s coming or going. For years we’ve heard about the dance music bubble and the death of the genre, even by some of its own biggest names. That’s pretty serious stuff when it’s your livelihood, even if it is just “overhyped media Kool-Aid.” All that considered, you’d think a debate between DJs of A-Trak, Mustard, and Destructo’s caliber might include some solemn talk. Think again, and watch the DJ Mag Top 100 Debates above, via Funny or Die, as these fellas humorously address issues including Ibiza immigration reform, ticket tax, DJ healthcare, confetti-gun control, and space weed, as Stereogum points out. Best of all, Candace Cameron Bure, a.k.a. DJ Tanner from Full House, leads the three disc-spinners (plus a couple of guys from Pretty Little Liars) through the discussion.