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Zola Jesus Flees the City for the Forest in ‘Dangerous Days’ Video

zola jesus dangerous days music video

Zola Jesus dances around nature wearing flowing capes before going totally digital in the music video for her new single, “Dangerous Days.” Taken from the Seattle-based singer’s upcoming Taiga album, the track is Zola’s poppiest to date, with thumping synthesizers and impressively powerful vocals. The video’s digital segment — in which the singer appears as a fuzzy, pixelated apparition — stands in pretty stark contrast to the sharp, vivid shots of the singer both lakeside and also in the woods.

SPIN sat down with Zola Jesus recently to talk about Taiga, and the singer admitted that escaping to the forest like she does the “Days” video is something that she dreams about. “I’d inherently feel better about myself as a human being if I was removed from humanity,” she told us. “There’s a sense of freedom in living out in the uninhabited world. I definitely fantasize about that.” Check out the totally uninhabited video above.