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‘Weird Al’ Parodied All of Your Favorite TV Theme Songs at the Emmys

Weird Al Emmys Game of Thrones Mad Men Scandal TV Video

Well, it may not be the Super Bowl, but “Weird Al” Yankovic made his way to a major television event last night for the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Midway through the show, the Mandatory Fun star came out on stage for a live performance that parodied the theme songs of a number of shows nominated for awards.

Mad Men‘s instrumental theme became a barb about Jon Hamm’s bad Emmy luck, and Game of Thrones naturally turned into a boob joke (aided by a surprise Andy Samberg appearance as enfant terrible Joffrey Baratheon) and the rapid-fire needling didn’t end there. Theme songs from Modern Family, Homeland, and Scandal also drew the chart-topping parody artist’s ire. He may not have gotten through as many songs in as short a period as Ted Leo and Aimee Mann did a few months back, but you have to give him credit for hilarious moments like physically handing George R.R. Martin a typewriter and prompting him to finish up A Song of Fire and Ice.

Needless to say, the whole thing is pretty hilarious and you can watch it above.