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Violent Soho Incite a Flash Mob in ‘Saramona Said’ Video

Violent Soho 'Saramona Said' Video Hungry Ghost

Australia’s Violent Soho released their third album abroad last year, but the grungified gem that is Hungry Ghost is only just now coming to the states. The quartet recenlty shared their shredded, Smashing Pumpkins-channelling “In the Aisle” over at the A.V. Club (along with a nude bicycle ride), and now we’ve got the impressive video for “Saramona Said.” Seen above, the clip employs not only a single camera, but a single shot, following a car-load of Brisbane-area youth as they pick up friends, brake for beer-bongs, and eventually join a pack of their peers who are all running in the same direction. 

The suburb where Violent Soho filmed “Saramona Said” is Mansfield — the very same in which they grew up. “Let’s start a fire,” Luke Boerdam sings over all of that Pixies-like punk-pop, and one gets the feeling he’s done just that not far from the streets that the camera captures. Hungry Ghost arrives via Side One Dummy on September 30. Visit the label for physical pre-order, and iTunes for the digital.