Tori Amos Comes for Arcade Fire’s Cover Song Crown

Tori Amos PJ Harvey Cover We Float
(Photo by Chad Kamenshine for SPIN)

Tori Amos is out to prove that Arcade Fire isn’t the only act out there that can serve up a solid cover song. At the singer-songwriter’s show in Durham, North Carolina, last night, she busted out a slinky version of PJ Harvey’s “We Float” that elicited whistles and shrieks from the audience. We can only assume she chose to pay tribute to the English icon as a resut of Wednesday’s news that Harvey is receiving an honorary degree from Goldsmiths University.

“We love this lady, good lady,” the “Wild Way” singer told the crowd last night before the song began. Amos’ version of Harvey’s folk-rock classic was a darker, more brooding take on the song, but her piano-playing and tempered vocals keep “We Float” in check. This isn’t Amos’ first time at the cover song rodeo, either; last week, the North Carolina singer took on Radiohead’s “Creep” at a New York City concert. Watch the entire fan-shot cover above.


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