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Watch Tori Amos Wail on Radiohead’s ‘Creep’

Tori Amos Creep Radiohead Cover Video

Search YouTube for Radiohead’s 1992 classic “Creep” and you’re liable to find about a million cover versions of the track. (We’ve previously ranked our favorite versions of the track, ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Korn.) But, as Consequence of Sound points out, you won’t find one from Thom Yorke and Co. any more recent than a half-decade ago. So, since Radiohead refuses to play the song in concert any longer, these remakes are sort of all we have to help supplement our appetite for that particular recipe of alt-angst — each one both redundant and so fucking special in its own way.

Now Tori Amos, no stranger to alt-angst herself, has thrown her hat into the ring, giving the track an impassioned go at a Wednesday night concert in New York City while on tour supporting her Unrepentant Geraldines album. Her piano performance is moving and tender and even if you’ve heard this song before it’s worth paying particular attention to the wild flurry she puts on the old “she’s running out the door” refrain.

This isn’t Amos’ first affair with Yorke’s main band. She covered “Karma Police” about a decade back on her Beekeeper tour, which you can hear here. Still, those are two of the songiest Radiohead songs in the game, and oft-covered both. So please, allow us to offer anyone considering a Radiohead cover a few more challenging suggestions. Get back to us when you unlock “Pyramid Song” for acoustic guitar.




Those should keep you busy a little while, and hopefully conjure some added creativity too.