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12 GIFs of Taylor Swift Trying to ‘Shake It Off’

Taylor Swift Shake It Off Music Video 1989 Gif

In Taylor Swift’s literally brand new music video, “Shake It Off,” the 1989 singer tries her best to keep up with some of the dance world’s most talented performers. SPIN has collected 11 of Swift’s most memorable attempts at busting a move in the incredibly GIF-able video.

Why so confused Taylor?

Taylor Swift Dancing GIF Shake It Off

Fresh to death, or something close to that.

Taylor Swift Hat Brim Shake It Off Music Video

Taylor goes through a twerk-tunnel, doesn’t like what she sees

Taylor Swift Twerk Twerking 1989 Shake It Off Gif

Black Swan, starring T-Swift?

Taylor Swift Ballet 1989 Shake It Off

This is the definition of shaking it out.

Taylor Swift Dance Tutu Gif Shake It Off

This one might’ve been a little misguided.

Taylor Swift Butt Jean Shorts Shake It Off 

It turns out Taylor was a big fan of Random Access Memories too!

Taylor Swift Robot Shake It Off Gif

Don’t look so lethargic, you hipster.

Taylor Swift Glasses Shake It Off

What goes up…

 Taylor Swift Cloth Throw Shake It Off

You know the rest.

Taylor Swift Fall Shake It Off Music Video 

Why you gotta be so rude?

Taylor Swift Hipster Hands Shake It Off

Dance on, sweet Swiftie, dance on.

Taylor Swift Dance Metallic Gif Shake It Off Video