Say Anything’s Max Bemis Meets His Inner Demon in “Six Six Six” Video

say anything, hebrews, max bemis, six six six
(Photo by Photo by Neil Visel)

Max Bemis, the acid-witted frontman and only constant member of pop-punk veterans Say Anything, is well-known for pushing his music into audacious new directions. There were club detours on 2007’s In Defense of the Genre, forays into rich power-pop on 2009’s Say Anything, and, of course, 60 minutes of sweaty, self-aware catharsis on their acclaimed 2004 debut, …Is a Real Boy. For this year’s Hebrews, Bemis makes another sharp deviation, opting out of guitar and bass entirely in exchange for a fully equipped string orchestra. This latest musical shift lends gravity to the lyrical transition Bemis has made over time, from depicting the anxieties of a callow, bipolar youth to those of a 30-year old man with a wife and kids. Those very grown-up neuroses permeate the video for Hebrews‘ lead single, “Six Six Six.”

In the just-released clip, our self-described “strung-out, overweight, Jewish” hero drops little Lucy Jean Bemis off at her grandma’s, allowing him to go on a quick (and bizarrely self-destructive) stroll through the woods. Without revealing too much, Bemis ends up getting a brick to the face from a menacing, yet oddly familiar, stranger. Watch the video for “Six Six Six” above and pick up Hebrews now through Equal Vision Records.


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