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Pharrell’s Hat to Be Displayed in a Museum, Where It Really Belongs

Pharrell Hat Museum Washington D.C. Arbys

Pharrell’s ridiculous Vivienne Westwood hat captivated America at this year’s Grammy’s ceremony, but it wasn’t long before he decided to part ways with the already iconic headwear. Good things can’t always last forever, but as MTV reports, the folks over at Arby’s have done the good deed of the century by rescuing the hat from the hands of scheming collectors who might hide this precious national icon/resource away in their private residences.

Though it took a $44,100 eBay bid, the roast beef-makers did their part to keep the “Buffalo Gals” hat in the public eye and now they’re doing even more, by putting it on display in Washington, D.C.’s Newseum from August 22 to October 26. We’d actually argue that it belongs in the Smithsonian, but the fact that it’s been preserved for public consumption is good enough. So go starting this Friday and see the wonder that is Pharrell’s Grammy hat. Stand next to it. Take selfies with it. But don’t you dare try to wear it and put at risk what Arby’s has fought so long and hard for. Below you can watch a Vine that Arby’s posted promoting the exhibition.