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Man Bites Stranger During Arctic Monkeys’ Lollapalooza Set

Man Bites Stranger During Arctic Monkeys' Lollapalooza Set

Another music fan was bitten this week after an apparently crazed audience member at Arctic Monkeys‘ Lollapalooza set attacked a group of men.

The bite victim, 29-year-old Ben Lenet, recounted his story on Reddit yesterday. After an unknown assailant began beating one of Lenet’s friends during Friday night’s Arctic Monkeys headlining set, Lenet stepped in to try to pull the stranger off. In retaliation, the attacker supposedly chomped down on Lenet’s arm and broke skin. “He’s not nipping at me,” he wrote later, “he’s trying to bite through my arm.”

Eventually the biter got up and walked away and Lenet, after receiving medical attention on site, was brought to the hospital where he was quickly given a tetanus shot and antibiotics due to the severe nature of his bite wounds.

It’s been a big week for adult biters: at Sunday night’s Pasadena performance of Beyonce and Jay Z’s “On the Run” tour, a man bit clean through a complete stranger’s finger after allegedly sexually assaulting his victim’s girlfriend. Perhaps Electric Zoo is onto something in implementing mandatory pre-show PSAs on drug-use.