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Little Dragon’s Pint-Sized Swedish Singer Can Rap Like Andre 3000 (and Does)

Little Dragon Kelis 'Millionaire' Andre 3000 'Like a Version'

Based on the “Klapp Klapp” remix featuring Future, we really should have known that Little Dragon and hip-hop go together like cookies and milk. Still, we’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised with the Swedish synth-pop group’s take on Kelis’ 2004 track “Millionaire” for Triple J‘s Like a Version cover series. The band ably handles the original’s jittery beat and keyboard parts as singer Yukimi Nagano takes a laidback approach on Kelis’ vocals, but the real highlight is when it come time for André 3000’s guest verse. Instead of passing on the duty to one of her bandmates, she mines the depths of her vocal range to spit the Outkast member’s rapid-fire lines and somehow makes it look easy. Here’s hoping it’s not a one-and-done deal for Little Dragon and this track.