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Katy Perry Has ‘Conventional Mind’ Blown by Art

katy perry magritte exhibit

Katy Perry’s traditional pop-star mind was blown yesterday. The Prism singer catalogued the dawn of her new paradigm on Instagram, where she posted a series of photos from her trip to the René Magritte exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. “GO SEE THE MAGRITTE EXHIBIT,” she posted with a photo of her silhouette contemplating a painting. “It will blow your conventional mind & wake you up from your zombie state!” Although she was evidently deeply moved by the Belgian surrealist’s masterpieces, it seems that perhaps she didn’t “get” all of his art—particularly The Treachery of Images, which she posted along with the words, “Um…YES IT IS.” Thankfully, her Katycats were able to point out that it’s actually a representation of a pipe, which highly-medicated humans often confused for the real thing. 


We can only hope that Perry, already a top-tier musician and future Broadway star, will be inspired to venture into visual art as well.