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Iggy Azalea Looks Like Food, Says Tumblr

Iggy Azalea Food Tumblr Viral Meme

The next time you reach into the refrigerator for a glass of milk, make sure you’re not accidentally grabbing a glass of Iggy Azalea instead. That’s the conceit of the latest so-mean-but-so-funny musician-inspired Tumblr, Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea (shout-out Old Black People Who Look Younger Than Lorde). The Australian entertainer has caught a lot of flack over accusations that she lifted her rap cadences from black performers like mentor T.I. (even ?uestove had something to say about the matter) for cuts like “Fancy” and “Black Widow,” but this is a whole different kinda hate. Or not.

“Is this a hate page?” one commenter wrote in to the site’s moderators earlier this week, but, “no. it’s photos of food coordinating with photos of iggy. it is…an art blog,” they responded dryly, leaving snark dripping all over the computer (and offering a conciliatory photo of Azalea holding a slic of bread). Some of the Tumblr’s best posts — which literally just juxtapose different pictures of the rapper next to shots of food — include “Iggy Azalea and a trussed chicken” and “Iggy Azalea and Rainbow Sherbet.” No word on what food she’ll look like during Sunday’s Video Music Awards. Check out some of the Tumblr’s greatest works of “art” below.