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Garfunkel and Oates Spoof ‘Saved By the Bell”s Best Musical Moment

Garfunkel and Oats Sports Go Video Saved by the Bell

Good news, sports fans! It’s sports season, with more and more sports about to start on television and at that local sports space near you. And after “Weird Al” got us all psyched about that big rival game coming up, fellow jokesters Garfunkel and Oates have delivered an equally nondescript sports anthem, celebrating all the excitement and energy that makes sports so freaking awesome. So, yeah, we’re ready for all of the sports. Bring ’em on.

Best of all, though, Kate and Riki and friend channel Saved By the Bell’s Jessie Spano, Kelly Kapowski, and Lisa Turtle — specifically, their band Jesse and the Sundaes in the episode, “Jessie’s Song.” They get pumped up, shot-for-shot, telling us, “Sports go sports! Athletics are number one! Participants are heroes, go team yeah!” They then over-explain and over-simplify every non-specific detail they can come up with. It almost seems like they don’t like sports at all!

Watch it above, at or on IFC tonight at 10 p.m. Maybe Lil Wayne and Drake should respond with a diss track? They like sports a lot. Meanwhile, in light of the forthcoming Saved by the Bell biopic, we recently resurrected Elizabeth Gilbert’s 1996 SPIN article about the high school television drama. Also, this: