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Future, Jeremih, Chris Brown, August Alsina Join Forces on Simmering ‘Hold You Down’

Future Jeremih August Alsina Chris Brown DJ Khaled Hold You Down Video

DJ Khaled has always been just about the closest thing the music world has to a P.T. Barnum type, but his latest single “Hold You Down” is an even stranger circus than usual. R&B posse cuts are few and far between, but with former SPIN cover star Future, rising New Orleans crooner August Alsina, Chicago chart mainstay Jeremih, and embattled superstar Chris Brown, Khaled has crafted a modern R&B Rushmore of sorts, and the result is just about as stunning (and sultry) as you might expect. ?

Future’s raspy bob-and-weave seems to run away with the track on first glance, but save for some stilted acting courtesy Khaled and an out of place plug for his new headphone line, the track features pretty flawless work from all involved. Watch the video above via MTV and check out the single’s artwork below.

Khaled’s latest solo album I Changed A Lot ?is due out sometime this year.