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See Foxygen Debut Psychedelic Slow Jams ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ and ‘Hang’

Foxygen KEXP Live Video Hang Cannibal Holocaust

It seemed for a while that the buzzy psych-rockers in Foxygen might not make it through the long round of touring that followed the release of their debut We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic. Between intra-band strife and erratic live performances that resulted in at least one grievous injury to frontman Sam France, things were looking grim. Nevertheless, earlier this month the band announced their second album …And Star Power and shared a single that reminded us why we were paying attention in the first place. The band recently stopped by KEXP to play that track, “How Can You Really,” and two other new songs called “Hang” and “Cannibal Holocaust.”

Both new cuts feature a similar sort of psychedelic riffing on mid-period Rolling Stones records, casting France as a dead-eyed Mick Jagger type, content to weave and wander amidst the glassy instrumentation and gospel-indebted backing vocals. Check out the B-horror-referencing track above, then head down below for “How Can You Really” and the track list for their new record.



…And Star Power track list:
1. “Star Power Airlines”
2. “How Can You Really”
3. “Coulda Been My Love”
4. “Cosmic Vibrations”
5. “You & I”
6. “Star Power I: Overture”
7. “Star Power II: Star Power Nite”
8. “Star Power III: What Are We Good For”
9. “Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh”
10. “I Don’t Have Anything/The Gate”
11. “Mattress Warehouse”
12. “666”
13. “Flowers”
14. “Wally’s Farm”
15. “Cannibal Holocaust”
16. “Hot Summer”
17. “Cold Winter/Freedom”
18. “Can’t Contextualize My Mind”
19. “Brooklyn Police Station”
20. “The Game”
21. “Freedom II”
22. “Talk”
23. “Everyone Needs Love”
24. “Hang”