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Divorcee Marry Lo-Fi Pop and Real-Life Relationship Drama


There’s a maxim that broken relationships spawn great tunes. The latest proof? Divorcee, a new duo featuring WHY? frontman Yoni Wolf and his ex-girlfriend, Anna Stewart. On their six-song eponymous EP (due August 6 via Joyful Noise Recordings), Stewart lays bare her angst over past lovers, Wolf included, with incisive wit and twee melodies. Listeners can hear the feminine counterpoint to such WHY? tracks as “Good Friday” and “The Hollows” in Divorcee‘s “Low Piñata” and “Thoughts of a Man,” and Wolf is clearly game for the airing of such personal business, as he provides Divorcee with a foundation of affecting lo-fi arrangements. Explore the former couple’s current dynamic by streaming the Divorcee EP below.