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Courtney Love Curses Out Beer-Throwing Australian Fan

Courtney Love Angry Australia Fan Fight

Courtney Love will not stand for your bullshit. At a concert in Adelaide, Australia last week, the former Hole singer lost her cool onstage when a fan chucked a beer can at her head.

“In 20 years no one’s thrown a beer can at me, except for you, fucker,” the future Sons of Anarchy star screeched at the unseen fan, adding, with hand motions for emphasis, “Your weenie must be this fucking big.” Spoiler alert: she pinched her fingers together really tightly. “You wanna fucking fuck me up?” she asked the crowd. “Do not do that again.”

Watch the entire censored-video above, or if you want something lighter, check out Love’s Australian tour cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman.”