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Chris Martin Dons Inflatable Bodysuit, Dances, Finds Love in Coldplay’s ‘True Love’ Video

Also, Gwyneth Paltrow okays his romance with Jennifer Lawrence

“Anything is possible” — that’s the moral of Coldplay’s new video for their Ghost Stories single “True Love.” And rather than leaving it up to interpretation (what if we didn’t get it?!), the band and director Jonas Åkerlund heavy-handedly run the sentence at the clip’s end, almost like a “The More You Know” public service announcement, avoiding any confusion. So if you take anything away from the above clip, let it be that.

The video was shot around Los Angeles with an emphasis on the bright colors of Venice Beach and depicts two ballet-loving misfits in inflatable bodysuits trying to find their ways. The leads are played by Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Canadian actress Jessica Lucas, and it’s not clear whether the two real-life skinny people are actually playing obese people or whether they’re just simply outsiders in inflatable bodysuits — it seems safe to predict someone will find it offensive. 

Either way, it’s hard to be so big, inflatable or otherwise: Martin is told he can’t get on a bus and has to be pulled on his skateboard behind, inhaling exhaust fumes (presumably); Lucas is rejected from the local ballet because of her size, too; and later she gets stuck in her theater seat after a ballet recital. It’s humiliating.

Luckily, from there things turn around for the two. We’re not going to give away any specifics, but we will say, “Anything is possible.”

Despite the odd-ball concept, Martin puts on a pretty good performance through it all. Could this be the start of a Chris Martin acting career? We saw him shine a bit on Saturday Night earlier this year. Maybe he picked up some tips from his consciously uncoupled ex Gwyneth Paltrow along the way or his new beau Jennifer Lawrence, who by the way — as Perez Hilton reports — Paltrow is apparently okay with him seeing. Anything is possible.