Close Talker Spin Plush Pop With the Yearning ‘Burnstick’

close talker, burnsitck

Close Talker pair their rigid yet sanguine melodies with achingly euphoric lyricism. The Saskatoon quartet’s latest track, “Burnstick,” displays their wistful longing for the past with the opening verse, “Remembering the old days / Sitting there in silence / Hoping we can live it again.” Meanwhile, the increasingly fervent guitar and vivacious drumming highlight the uncertainty and optimism of the future.

Here’s what the band had to say about the song: “Burnstick was birthed by the ‘tuba’ sound on an old Yamaha keyboard and is centred around a day off that we had on our first tour last February. We were lucky enough to spend this night at a family cabin and as it progressed, embarked on an adventure across the desolate frozen lake. The song dives into those moments when you really are having the ‘time of your life’ and may not even recognize it, until you later look back and remember those lasting memories for what they truly were.”

Stream “Burnstick” below, and look out for the track when it appears on Close Talker’s sophomore LP, Flux, out November 4 through Nevado Records.


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