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Gavin Rossdale Will Write You ‘Glycerine’ Lyrics If You Pay $2,000 for Bush’s New Album

Bush Glycerine Lyrics Album Preorder 2000

After reuniting in 2010, post-grunge band Bush released an album called The Sea of Memories, but since then they’ve mostly laid low, aside from some touring here and there. They’re finally poised to return this year with a new album called Man on the Run, but since this LP is set to come out on the band’s own Zuma Rock Records, they’ve decided to try their hand at crowdfunding this time around. And in a fashion appropriate for the melodramatic U.K. alt-rockers, as Consequence of Sound notes, their PledgeMusic campaign offers some completely over-the-top and extravagant rewards.

In addition to the requisite album downloads ($10), physical copies ($13 – 40), T-shirts ($25), there’s more pricey fare like a bass or guitar lesson with a current member of the band for $500-a-pop or a signed guitar for a minimum of $1,000. From there, things get a little unbelievable: A copy of the frontman Gavin Rossdale’s lyrics to recent single “The Sound of Winter” for $1,000 or their histrionic hit “Glycerine” for $2,000. But don’t count on these being the original scribblings of either song. According to PledgeMusic, the lyrics are “written out by Gavin just for you.”

Despite the hefty price tag, this Bush memorabilia seems to be flying off the digital shelf, but don’t worry. If it’s Rossdale’s lyrics you’re trying to get ahold of, there’s still a single copy of each remaining, and they can both be yours for a lump sum of more money than a whole lot of people make in a single month. Head to Bush’s PledgeMusic for more details.