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It’s a Fact: Americans Really Love Beyonce

Beyonce Americans Harris Poll Favorite Musician Band Beatles Elvis

In case there was any doubt, between the lifetime achievement awards, HBO specials, and John Mayer covers, it’s now official: America loves Beyoncé.

That’s the result of the latest Harris Poll of 2,306 adults over the age of 18, that asked participants the question, “Who is your favorite singer/musician or band?” and found out the answer is firstly the Beatles, secondly Elvis Presley, and thirdly — topping the list of current acts — the Queen Bey herself.

The poll also dissects its results by sex, age group, political party, geographical location, and whether they’re parents or not. Turns out, women and millennials aged 18 to 37 like Beyoncé the most of all. Go figure. (The polling results are not, however, weighted to consider whether Beyoncé’s popularity is an Illuminati conspiracy.)

Elsewhere, on the tallies, Led Zeppelin landed at No. 4, George Strait at No. 5, and Bruno Mars at No. 6. Neil Diamond, the Eagles, Garth Brooks, and 2010’s chart-topper Celine Dion (really?) all tied for No. 7. Meanwhile, a number of notables dropped off the list since the last poll, including U2 (was No. 2), Tim McGraw (was No. 5), and Lady Gaga (was No. 6).

Of note, as well, though Willie Nelson is nowhere to be found on the Top 10, he ranked at the top for the “mature” audience 69 and older and tied for first for Republicans, sharing the spot with the Beatles. Gen X’ers 38 to 49 ranked Metallica their favorite band. And aside from landing sixth on the main chart, Bruno Mars also won over parents of children under 18 and the Midwest, and split the Democrats with the Beatles. One possible take away is that performing the Super Bowl halftime show, as Mars did this past year, is worth whatever money an artist might have to spend.

And, of course, we all love Beyoncé. It’s a fact.