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Ariana Grande Fires Boob Rockets in Campy ‘Break Free’ Video

ariana grande break free video

The build-up for Ariana Grande’s sophomore album, My Everything, hit new heights this week. Yesterday, she released a single from the LP that features Big Sean, and last night the singer unveiled a kitschy sci-fi video for the Zedd-produced banger “Break Free.”

It comes as no surprise that the latest clip is set in outer space, as the “Break Free” lyric video featured overt reference to Star Wars and other space-themed classics. In the clip, Grande plays a Barbarella-esque heroine who demolishes a troupe of rubbery-looking aliens in order to liberate the prisoners of an intergalactic jail—and, in the process, she destroys giant robots with a pair of boob rockets.

After a slow-motion, anti-gravity breakdown, director Chris Marrs-Piliero transitions to a spaceship dance party DJed by Zedd himself. The credits at the beginning of the video warn that the footage is “one step ahead of present day reality and two steps ahead of present day sexiness,” and it looks like Zedd’s DJ gear is three steps ahead of present day CDJs, as they somehow incorporate an esoteric mixer and a smartphone with the Beats app.