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Arcade Fire Climb Pixies’ Punky ‘Alec Eiffel’ for Yet Another Cover

Arcade Fire Cover Pixies 'Alec Eiffel' Video Boston Tour

Every day is Arcade Fire day with the Reflektor band still on the road, seemingly caught in a strange nether-dimension wherein the only way out is to cover a song by every band of note that’s ever existed (maybe that’s what the Orpheus theme is all about?). But if we were going to skip one of these cover songs posts, it certainly wouldn’t be this one. Seen above, the Canuck orch-pop ensemble sets down in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and lays down a spirited, extra-punky version of “Alec Eiffel” by Pixies, who hail from Boston. The 1991 alt-rock track gets props (in dancing form) from President Barack Obama and Pope Francis (in bobblehead form), before Arcade Fire launch into “Here Comes the Night Time.” Watch that above, and Pixies’ original Trompe le Monde-era video below. For more covers from Win Butler and Co., walk out your door.