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Young Thug Shouts Out John Dillinger in Out-There ‘Lifestyle’

Young Thug 'Lifestyle' 1017 Thug 2

After recently appearing alongside Rich Homie Quan on Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle,” Young Thug apparently felt the need to express his way of living with his own track of the same name. The Altanta MC warbles his way through some Auto-Tune, repeating the phrase “get along, little doggy, get along” and shouting “John Dillinger!” a whole bunch, as well as big-upping 1017 Brick Squad. This “Lifestyle” will appear on his upcoming 1017 Thug 2 mixtape, which hopefully lives up his past work. After all, we did name him one of “The REAL 10 Hottest MCs in the Game.” The tape is due out tomorrow.