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‘Weird Al’ Parodies Pixies in ‘First World Problems’ Video

Weird Al First World Problems Mandatory Fun Video

“Weird Al” Yankovic has been celebrating the release of his new album Mandatory Fun with Beyonce-indebted eight-day video campaign, and Saturday morning he emerged with his latest missive, a Pixies parody called “First World Problems.” Though the track doesn’t take any specific Indie Cindy track to task (though, possible shouts out to “Debaser” and “Hang Wire”), the funnyman uses a nasally impression of Black Francis’ whine to moan about some of the terrible oppression that privileged people face on a daily basis, like buying too many groceries to fit in your fridge or not being able to order off the breakfast menu at 2 p.m. Like “Tacky” and “Word Crimes” before it, the song and video pair to provide pointed criticism of modernity.

The clip, which debuted at PopCrush, was directed by Liam Lynch, who recorded his very own “Fake Pixies Song” in 2003. And if you’re in search of more from “Weird Al,” SPIN just recently ranked all of his music videos