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Wallwork & RZR Deliver Post-Regional Club on ‘Mad Techno Invasion’ EP

UK duo to release their debut EP July 14

Mad Techno Invasion is the first outing from London-based future bass duo Wallwork & RZR, who cut their teeth as ghost producers for some of UK’s finest. Their new EP, out July 14th on Montreal label Infinite Machine, is five tracks of noisy, overdriven machine music that stretches Detroit electro and UK garage into a vortex of post-regional bass music. With its distorted 808 hits and damaged basslines, the record veers in and out of lo-fi territory, repurposing iconic rave sounds for the Tumblr generation.

“The release is called Mad Techno Invasion [because] we live in crazy technological times,” the duo recently told Big Up Magazine. “Not many things make sense.” With its haphazard mix-and-match attitude, the record certainly reflects those crazy technological times—when elements of old skool rave, high-gloss house, and gritty, cinematic sound design can find a place together on one record. “After years of working on other people’s pop, rock, hip-hop and electronic stuff we decided it was time for us to have a project of our own.” Stream the duo’s fearless debut below.

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