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Titus Andronicus Unleash ‘Stranded (On My Own),’ Kicking Off Single Series

Watch frontman Patrick Stickles explain the new releases in two-hour video

Last year, Titus Andronicus debuted a new track called “Fatal Flaw,” which was supposed to be the first taste of the band’s follow-up to 2012’s Local Business. According to frontman Patrick Stickles, the Brooklyn-based, Jersey-bred group’s next LP would be a massive, 30-something-song rock opera about manic depression, inspired in part by his own experiences with the condition. While that album has yet to materialize, Titus are back with a new track, “Stranded (On My Own),” which leads off a new series of 7-inch singles. The song, due out in physical form on August 25, is a much punkier thrasher than anything heard on Local Business, and will come backed on the B-side by “Sport,” a song from Titus offshoot Wicked Kind.

The Seven Seven Inches singles series actually kicks off July 7 (7/7/14) with a reissue of TA’s 2007 release, “Titus Andronicus” and “Fear And Loathing In Mahwah, New Jersey,” and the band will be celebrating with a show at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium. Attendees will get a copy of the first single, while others can sign up for a subscription to the series at Titus’ web store. Below, watch Stickles explain the whole shebang in a nearly two-hour “press conference.” That may seem like a shockingly long time, but if you’ve read his amazing SPIN review of the Replacements’ first reunion show, you know that dude isn’t into the whole “brevity” thing.