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The Nostalgia Machine Transports You to Your Favorite Musical Year

"Get your childhood jam on" with a year-by-year round-up of bygone bangers

At last, someone has invented a time machine without the use of a hot tub or a DeLorean.

This one is — surprise! — a website that immediately takes you back to the musical hits of your heyday: introducing The Nostalgia Machine. Spend a little time with the 1995-you who couldn’t conceive of a day when “Kiss From a Rose” wouldn’t be on repeat. Or fondly return to that one Nickelback track that earwormed you in 2002, or call on 1970, crossing a bridge over troubled waters to return to a time when Simon and Garfunkel charted.  

The only instructions? “For optimum nostalgia pick a childhood year.” Click “Hit Me!” and the Machine pulls music videos from the Billboard year-end Hot 100 for the era chosen. Its capabilities hold up as far back as the 1960s — shout out Sam Cooke — and even offer a sampling of 2013’s fare, though Robin Thicke might be the only one already nostalgic for “Blurred Lines.” 

“Kiss From a Rose” though, right?