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Slaptop Celebrates a Carefree Summer in ‘Sunrise’ Video

Sunrise artwork

San Francisco’s Slaptop is a college student recording out of his dorm room. With “Sunrise,” his single debut and only release to date, the producer has broke into the Top 5 of the Electronic charts on iTunes. With the release of his new video for the single, it appears that he’s fun to hang out with too. Throughout the course of this Gabriel Gomez-directed video for “Sunrise,” a group of friends get into various shenanigans: they ride around in shopping carts, set off fireworks, skateboard naked, and watch the sunrise together. These kids are carefree and just want to spend the little bit of money they have on spontaneous tattoos and cheese puffs.

Relying on the influence of the electronic-funk of Daft Punk, Slaptop decorates the “Sunrise” with twinkly xylophone and super auto-tuned vocals that suggest we all “go out in the darkness and look for the sun.” Ensemble Records –a “singles label” so new that it doesn’t even have a wesbite– released “Sunrise” on June 17, and will focus on releasing tracks from collaborating electronic and dance artists. Watch the video for the single above.